August 24, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 21

"Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 3"

JimDre Westbrook 


After the first kiss between Stacey and myself, I felt something special with each kiss after that. Even though I couldn't be with Stacey physically every day (because of...

August 13, 2018

WTWG Chronicles Ch. 20

“Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 2”

JimDre Westbrook 


After I returned back to Vegas, nothing was the same. That weekend trip rocked my world as I met Stacey and couldn’t stop thinking about her. Stacey came into my life like a natural disa...

August 3, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 19

"Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 1"

JimDre Westbrook 


This story begins with me preparing to attend one of my best friend's wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike, Chris and myself were all groomsmen in this wedding. Our clique,...

July 20, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 18

"MILF Pt. 2"

JimDre Westbrook 


Sigh... and it was all good a week ago. My first encounter with Stephanie started off great but ended as bit of a downer. I couldn't believe that I didn't perform up to my golden standards....

July 13, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 17

"MILF Pt. 1"

JimDre Westbrook  

A few weeks went by and Stephanie and I were having great times on Match, even though she didn't live in Vegas. Stephanie lived in Oklahoma but was actually from Vegas, so my living in Vegas didn't draw...

July 6, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 16

"Computer Love Pt. 2"

 JimDre Westbrook 


It took me a minute to shake off the memory of Natali because I knew I made a big mistake. Well actually, there were multiple mistakes made during our little escapade but one stood...

June 15, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 15

"Fighting Temptation"

JimDre Westbrook 


So, remember when I started to tell you about the night I asked Natali to be my girlfriend? Well, before I share that tale, I have to go back into the story a bit. Let's go back t...

June 8, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch.14

"Family Matters"

JimDre Westbrook 


Around Natali's 25th birthday (she was a Leo and much younger than most of the women I dated - I was 28), she was really missing her family back in Arizona. Natali was the youngest child in he...

June 1, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 13

"Vegas Spice"

JimDre Westbrook 


At this time, I've been living in Las Vegas for 4 years (single for 2 years) and I've gotten used to being single in Sin City. As a single man, there was definitely more time for me to ta...

May 18, 2018

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 12

"For The Love of JimDre"

JimDre Westbrook  


At this point in my dating life, I was extremely frustrated. Online dating was complete trash. The type of women I was interested in seemed like they didn't exist in Las Vegas. Or a...

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