Gwen Stefani Worried She Plagiarized Church Song for New Christmas Single

Pop star Gwen Stefani has been talking about her faith in God over the past few years and in a recent interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the singer said she's worried she might've plagiarized a church song after being divinely inspired to write her new Christmas single.


During the interview, Stefani promoted her new Christmas album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas. When asked about her new single, "Christmas Eve," the singer admitted that the tune came effortlessly while she was out jogging and "praying."

"I was running and I thought, 'Maybe I'll try singing something, maybe something will come. And the whole chorus to this song 'Christmas Eve' came. It was like a prayer," she told Fallon.

"I'm like, 'Did I steal this?" she questioned herself. "Is this from church because I feel like I know this song? I was convinced that I stole it."

Stefani completed the song and the lyrics do appear to be original even though some of the content is overtly Christian.

"I can't see in this darkness/ So in need of forgiveness before all of my faith dies/ Show me the way like a northern light/," the song lyrics read. "I'm looking for you on Christmas Eve/ All over the world/ The angels see/ But I'm feeling lost/ Can you save me/ I'm looking for you on Christmas Eve."

While Stefani continues to live up to her edgy image, she's been seen wearing a simple cross around her neck and heard talking about God during media appearances. When writing songs for her latest mainstream album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, Stefani likewise said she "channeled God" for inspiration.


The "Hollaback Girl" singer also talked openly about her family's faith and their devotion to prayer during an interview on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" while promoting her stint on "The Voice." The singer said her eldest son prayed relentlessly for a younger brother and just weeks later she found out she was having a "miracle" baby — her third and youngest child.

The working mother of three boys — Kingston, Zuma and Apolo — ended her 13-year marriage with their father, Gavin Rossdale, and is now dating her former "The Voice" co-judge, country star Blake Shelton.

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