WTWG Chronicles | Ch. 6: "Running Away"

"Running Away"


After learning that I was a bit of a relationship whore around campus, my social life ran into a crossroad. I figured I had two choices: 1) Completely change up my approach and stop being available as a relationship whore or 2) Keep doing my thing until I absolutely had to stop (i.e. the fright of losing Tasha). As a 20-year-old college student, option 1 sounded like the "adult" thing to do. I wasn't stupid. I knew right from wrong. I wanted no drama within my life. But option 1 was absent of fun and excitement, especially at age 20. Like most young men, I figured I had my entire life to commit to one woman, my future wife. To be quite honest with you, I couldn't wait until that day. I wanted marriage and kids just like many other people on campus, but I definitely didn't want it right now. I was having way too much fun being out here in those streets.

Option 2 was the move I made as I continued to "do me." However, because of the relationship I had with Tasha, I did slow down a bit. I went ghost on most of the women I showed interest in so I could focus on Tasha. I also pledged a fraternity at this time, so I most definitely believe that had something to do with my ghosting. When all of this went down, I always knew in the back of my mind, Tasha would be there for me. That meant something to me. That was more important than all of the other girls. Tasha was different. She was special. I couldn't commit to her at this very moment, but I knew my time was running out quickly.


One thing I learned in college was that the old saying "Be careful what you wish for" is 1000% true. As a Christian, I always likened this statement to "Be careful what you pray for" because it might just happen with God's help. When it came to Tasha, that's exactly what happened. From the first day I saw her on campus, I knew I wanted the opportunity to get at her. When I saw Tasha walking to class, I said to myself, "Man, who is that?" When I saw Tasha again in the cafeteria, I finally had the chance to step to her. As soon as I turned my head, she vanished into thin air. I looked around the entire cafeteria and she was gone. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't let her slip away next time we came face to face. Unfortunately for me, that moment wouldn't happen until the following semester.

When Tasha and I finally met, it was pretty cool. She was everything I thought she'd be and more. Possibly, Tasha was more awkward than I'd imagined, but it worked for her. We exchanged information and I followed up with her shortly. We started hanging out and became friends pretty quickly. Tasha and I were from the same area and liked some of the same things, especially taste in music: Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Tasha was super intelligent, a self-proclaimed nerd. She was smarter than I was and I was attracted to her academic pursuit and excellence. Before Tasha, I thought it was cool and perfectly fine to study inside my dorm room with the lights down low while listening to R&B music. Like seriously though... I thought it was normal. But Tasha taught me how to study, along with other life-long lessons I would keep close to my chest.

It took me eight months to finally get Tasha to see me as more than a friend. To a guy in college, that seemed like four years, but it was worth every second. I finally got her! All of the hard work and dedication paid off... it felt good. I reached the mountain top. However, as I rolled into my junior year with upperclassmen status, it would take me another eight months to realize that Tasha was my final destination. In knowing all of this, I freaked out and panicked. I got the "yips" and couldn't fully turn in my "Players Card." For a month, I tried talking to girl after girl, seeing if I could get their numbers just because. On and off campus. In state and out of state. This is my Kobe tour before Kobe did it. Once I realized that I already had what I was ultimately looking for, I humbly retired from the game and asked Tasha to be my girlfriend. She said yes.

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