NBA's Warriors Use Christian Rapper Bizzle for New Anthem; Steph Curry Raps For Kingdom

Outspoken Christian Rapper, Bizzle, leader of the God Over Money movement, and his artist K. Allico are reportedly behind the new NBA Golden State Warriors anthem titled, "Winning."

Clips of the music video were posted online by the label, Rizen Shine Media, which shows a group of the team's players including All-Star pick, professing Christian Stephen Curry rapping alongside Bizzle and K. Allico.

"Warrior's come out to play ... All day winning ... Warriors for the kingdom," Curry and the men are heard rapping in the behind the scenes performance of the video.

Bizzle took to social media to share his reaction to using his song for the Golden States Warriors.

"Sometimes I expect the worst but then the best things end up happening. It's in those moments that I realize how much 1. I don't be knowin what I'm talkin bout 2. I don't control nuttin so 3. I may as well just let GOD do what HE do!" he wrote on Instagram.

The Houston-based emcee and former drug dealer, Bizzle, is widely known now for his outspoken Christian lyrics which in the past has called out secular rappers for their counter-biblical messaging such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross and Macklemore.

Bizzle was the first to announce the Warrior collaboration through an Instagram post in February where he was seen posing for a photo with Curry stating, "Something special coming soon."


Sports Spectrum reported that Curry has been a fan of Christian hip-hop music since he was in high school. An interview the athlete did on the Wade-O Radio Show, confirmed that Curry admitted he uses Christian music to help him perform better during games, all the while staying grounded in his faith off the court.

"When I step on the floor, people should know who I represent and who I believe in," Curry said. "I've been blessed with talent to play sports at a high level. Each time, it's in His name I go out there to perform and compete and use His gifts in the right way. So it's good for me to keep that present in my mind, what my true purpose is. And these great artists I get to listen to help me get in that zone where I can focus on the task at hand as well as keep what really matters to me ever present in my heart."

According to Rizen Shine Media, Bizzle's new song featuring K. Allico, "Winning," will be the team's theme song during the NBA playoffs next month.

The video was shot in Oakland, California and will be out soon.

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