Social Media Evangelist Saves Unborn Baby's Life After Sharing a Prophetic Word Online

Atlanta, Georgia, resident Heather Lindsey has been evangelizing online for nearly 15 years but a recent post she made had such a large impact that it saved a baby's life.

The Pinky Promise Movement founder has more than 500,000 Facebook followers and almost the same amount of Instagram followers. According to her site, she wishes to encourage women to honor God with their all.

On social media, she uses her influence to share honest and comical stories from her life as a mother of two and pastor's wife. This week, the minister shared a story that is going viral.

In an interview with CBN, Lindsey shared in greater detail the prophetic word she received from God that led to an unborn baby's life being spared.

"I was driving home from the grocery store and I just felt the Holy Spirit tell me there is a woman that follows you on social media and she has already made her abortion appointment and I want you to get on there, encourage her and tell her that God has a plan for her baby and to not get an abortion," Lindsey told CBN News.

"So I just went on there and I did about maybe three or four videos. And I was just praying and urged other people and I said, 'If it's not you, pray for this young lady that she'll come forward and she'll be bold and tell me who she is.'"

Lindsey was stunned when just one hour later, someone contacted her saying she had become pregnant by a friend at church and had no idea where she could turn.

"She had been celibate for a long time and she made an abortion appointment," Lindsey explained. "But I guess he stepped up and said hey we're going to do this together. Then all of a sudden he started to ignore her and reject her. So then she made the appointment again for April 21st."


The speaker replied to the woman using Scripture and prayer to encourage her.

"I emailed her and I put scriptures on there," Lindsey continued. "I said God has a plan and He put it so heavy on my heart. And the thing was she said she had been struggling with the decision for a while. She began to reach out to friends but she said every time she went to push 'send' the Holy Spirit said, 'No, I'm going to show you what to do.' And then she went on Instagram. She saw my message and she said now I'm canceling the appointment."

Lindsey is expecting her third child and said the woman's response caused her to "bawl her eyes out." The emotion came from the overwhelming feeling that God would use social media to that capacity, claiming the media platform can be used for way more than just "selfies."

"So I've been talking about Jesus back then and nobody would like my comments or my posts or anything, but I knew I was planting seeds so from that point forward my whole heartbeat has been let me tell people about Christ. I want them to know who He is. And they might not go to church but they'll look on their Instagram," Lindsey maintained.

Lindsey hosts a statewide baby shower every year, where she and her team help provide items for single mothers in need. She revealed that she will also be doing an Instagram baby shower for the brave woman who chose life.

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