WTWG Chronicles | Ch. 7: "My Lucky Charm"


Tasha was my everything during our undergrad years at the University of Michigan. She was my homie. She was my lover. She was my friend. As I previously stated, it took me eight months to get out of the everlasting friend zone and another eight months to man up and stop playing games. Once I got my act together, we officially started dating and life was good. I've always been a one-woman man, so once I fully committed to Tasha, nothing else mattered.

I truly believe being stuck in the friend zone for so long was awesome for our relationship. During that time, I really took advantage of the opportunity of getting to know Tasha. We talked about everything. We talked every single day. No matter what I had going on, I made sure I always checked in on Tasha. Whenever I saw her name appear on my phone, it made me smile. Even when Tasha wasn't my girl, I felt lucky to be around her. So, that's why I gave her the name, "Lucky Charm."

Quick random story: I knew Tasha was really down for me the summer before we started our relationship. I had an internship at General Motors that summer as a Student Foreman. On the side, I was a Street Team Rep for a popular lifestyle magazine. One weekend, I had to pass out a crazy amount of flyers in Detroit. I didn't even know where to begin. The only thing I knew at that time was that I needed help. I called Tasha. I picked her up and we went all over the city passing out flyers. Like for 5-6 hours. The job really sucked and I knew Tasha didn't really want to spend her Saturday night like this. But we had so much fun together that night. There was nothing romantic about it but I knew she genuinely cared for me.


I wish I could tell you some wild and crazy stories about my love life with Tasha but can't for a pretty good reason. They don't exist because we never came close to having sex. Ever. Out of all of the women I've dealt with during high school and college, Tasha gave me the least pressure to have sex. She never asked for, begged for or demanded sex. Tasha truly respected my virginity and that was greatly appreciated. Even though Tasha was a believer, I think her reasoning for respecting my wishes were more personal than religious. She really believed in me and supported me wholeheartedly. The passion we shared from each other was expressed through long makeout sessions. We made out all the time but we knew our boundaries. Tasha would seldom say that she couldn't wait until we had sex as a married couple. I shared the same sentiment because I knew that Tasha was "the one."


The most important title or job Tasha had within my life was my friend. We had the type of friendship that sounded make-believe to some folks. We never fought. We didn't bring any drama to one another. We made each other better. We enjoyed each other's company. We made a great team. From the jump, I knew Tasha was dope. From head to toe, she was everything I wanted in a girl. Beautiful, smart, funny and sweet. In my eyes, Tasha was better than I but she was down for your boy. Tasha motivated me to challenge myself daily. Her quiet confidence was always the thing that got me. It was quite calming and contagious.

When you meet someone who adds value to your life, you should tell them how you feel and make sure you keep them around. I was so glad that I finally told Tasha how I felt about her. I was grateful that she allowed me to stick around after turning me down multiple times before we became a couple. I enjoyed being Tasha's homie. I also enjoyed being Tasha's lover. But nothing beat being Tasha's friend. It was a special experience I will never forget.

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