Natalie Grant Says Christians Cannot Be Silent on Racism; Kids See Beauty in Everyone

Contemporary Christian singer Natalie Grant is using her platform to charge other believers to speak out against racism.

Racial tension has been looming in America since its inception and although there have been great strides to racial equality in the past, such as the Civil Rights Movement, racial tension in America has been on the rise again.

In a recent social media post, Grant urged others in her community to speak out against racism while capturing a photo of her daughter reading Dorena Williamson's new book, Colorfull, which features a cartoon drawing of two small children from different races playing together.

"My dear friend @dorenawilliamson has written an absolutely wonderful book for children that EVERY PARENT/TEACHER should get for their young kids," Grant wrote on Instagram. "As followers of Jesus, we cannot be silent on racism or ignore that it is a continuing problem. As parents, we have the powerful opportunity to teach our children a better way - like how to celebrate our glorious differences, which were designed, chosen and predestined by God."


The soulful singer went on to say that parents should not stick with the normal cliches used when discussing race but instead should teach their families to embrace diversity.

"The way to fight against racism is NOT to teach our children to be colorblind - but to help them understand the EQUAL value and beauty of all of God's colorful creations," she continued.

Grant went on to share a story about the second picture she posted of her daughter Sadie playing on the ground with another little girl who was of color.

"Sadie ran up to this little girl she had never met. Sadie said, 'you're beautiful. I love your dress. Let's twirl.' And 2 beautiful little girls began to giggle, dance and play. That little girl's uncle walked up to me and said: 'that just goes to show you, racism is taught'" she explained.

The Seattle native went on to say that his words really impacted her and since then has charged her to be even more intentional about teaching her daughters how to love all people. She then ended her post with a prayer.

"Thank you, God, you didn't make us all the same! And help us to do better for the next generation."

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., another well known artist, rapper and Pastor Tripp Lee shared in detail that he believes white evangelicals must stop trying to fit in by supporting causes that are trending at the time.

He echoed Grants statements in going further when it comes to dealing with racial issues.

"Some of us care about this — justice and unity — just because it's in style right now," he stated at the "MLK50: Gospel Reflections from the Mountaintop," event in Memphis, Tennessee this month.

"What we need is not a superficial unity that was just created by music form, or superficial commitment to justice. We don't need trendy compassion, we need a long-lasting commitment to God's priorities. We should care about this because God does."


Dorena Williamson's children book share's sentiments with both Grant and Lee's heart to see true oneness.

"ColorFull is my first literary baby and the message is this: Be fully aware of the colors God made! Plants, animals, and especially people – all are created intentionally with color. See it. Celebrate it. Why be colorblind when we can be ColorFull instead," the first lady of Strong Tower Bible Church said of her book Colorfull on her website.

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