WTWG Chronicles | Ch. 10 "The Black Tim Tebow"

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 10

"The Black Tim Tebow"

JimDre Westbrook


Even though I recently ended my relationship with Tasha, she still played a minor role in the next five months of my life. This is what tends to happen after a breakup: More conversations, more dialouge, more explanations, more meet ups, more confusion, more feelings, more drama.

There wasn't any make up sex because we never had sex to begin with, but that usually takes place during this time as well = more drama. After a failed attempt to rekindle things with Tasha (she moved on and started a new situation by this time), I knew it was game over.

I had no more life lines. Tasha was gone forever and I had to be fine with her decision. I was the one who broke up with Tasha in the first place. I had to lie in the bed I made, which didn't include Tasha. Ultimately, this L was all on me.

So, where does one turn when things fall apart?

  • Friends?

  • Family?

  • God?

  • Online Dating?

In my case, the correct answer was all of the above. I asked my friends and family members what my next move should be. Many of them asked me about the women at my church in Vegas. I told them that most of the women who attended my church were either significantly older, married or were already my friends (who had boyfriends or husbands). So, dating someone at my church wasn't ideal.

My parents asked me about possibly visiting other local churches that catered to a younger demographic. I never thought about that before because I absolutely loved my church home and never looked at church being a place where you could potentially find someone to date. If people can hook up at the bar or club, why can't they find someone in the Lord's house, right?


The following week, I visited one of the megachurches in Vegas that catered to my generation, the millennials. I knew my heart was in the right place so I believed something good would come from this strategic plan. After the service, I even signed up for the singles small group, thinking I would be able to connect with people who were on the same page as I was = looking for love God's way.

Within the first 10 minutes of the first singles small group meeting I attended, I met a young lady, Olivia. Truth: I'm very modest, but I must admit that she was choosing pretty hard during the meeting. This should have raised a big red flag at the time but it didn't. I was intrigued and wanted to see where this new thing could go. What's the worse that could happen? Olivia was a "church girl" who led the worship & praise team... she's harmless, right?

One night after midweek service, Olivia and I were talking right outside of the church (in the parking lot alone). As we were getting to know each other and the conversation was making a hard left (sex was brought up), I felt the need to bring up my virginity. I referred to myself as "The Black Tim Tebow," trying to give Olivia hints at my being a virgin. She originally laughed at the comparison but wanted to know exactly what I meant by the cryptic comment. I further explained myself, which simultaneously turned Olivia on even more. Uh oh.

Olivia immediately looked at me as a piece of meat and it was dinner time. She literally jumped on me and began kissing me. I was so caught off guard that I initially kissed her back, but then snapped out of it. We were 90 feet away from the church! Within this 10 second tryst, Olivia dug her nails into my shoulders, leaving me with a deep scratch and a nice hole in my shirt. I ended up leaving abruptly because I knew this wasn't right. Olivia became angry, texted me later that night and called me Joseph as in the story of "Potiphar's wife."

It's pretty safe to say I never went back to that church again...

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