WTWG Chronicles | Ch. 11 " Computer Love Pt. 1"

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 11

"Computer Love Pt. 1"

JimDre Westbrook


After the Olivia episode, I prayed to God that I never experience that ever again. I'm allergic to drama and Olivia was doing the most so I'm just glad no one was seriously hurt during that lust attack. So, once things calmed down, I got back into the game and took a stab at the online dating scene. Online dating seemed like it was never an option for me because I'm old school. Even though I'm tech savvy, I like initially meeting women face to face and having organic conversations with them without the assistance of a dating app or service. However, since the social media era exploded, meeting people online has been quite popular. So, I totally understand the online dating thing because it's super efficient but it doesn't solve everything or tell the entire story.

Before I officially signed up for online dating, I had to choose which dating service I wanted to subscribe to. Match. Zoosk. Plenty of Fish. eHarmony. Black People Meet. Christian Mingle and others. After researching all of these dating sites, Match made the most sense to me. It wasn't perfect but it seemed like the right move. So, when I signed up for Match (the first time), it was exciting because I was entering a new chapter within my dating life. I trusted the overall process of dating. I believed that God still had a plan for my life and my future family. I never envisioned that it would include online dating but I felt I didn't have any other choice but to embrace the moment. It was time to find a Match!


The first month of being on Match was absolutely frustrating to say the least. Like most people do, I received help from my friends to build the "perfect" profile. My profile didn't say too much but said enough to keep women interested and intrigued to want to know more. Nice profile pic with a smile. Solid interests and hobbies. Rising career as an entrepreneur living in Las Vegas. Open to dating women outside my race (which was a new thing for me at this time). Upon review, my dating profile was warm, engaging and sane. However, I didn't receive any messages within my first 30 days on Match. Like NOTHING. I spent an ample amount of time on Match, messaging women from all over the place. I'm talking about women from the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Down South. White, Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian Pacific and Other. Short, Average and Tall. Slender, Curvy, Average and Muscular. Spiritual/Religious. Bachelor's/Master's Degree or Some College. NOTHING.

As a person who doesn't like to fail or lose at anything, I was disappointed with my results and wanted to quit my Match subscription. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting anything back. Maybe it was a sign from God letting me know that Match isn't for me? Maybe I was doing something wrong? Maybe I needed help navigating this online dating thing? I needed some reinforcement and I knew exactly whom to call. I reached out to one of my best friends and fraternity brothers who was also single in Vegas at the time, Bryan. Me and my bro B were very similar in many ways. We're both around the same height, build, look, demeanor and with the same taste in food, music and movies. Bryan was also a Midwest guy (even though he's from Ohio smh) and a believer, so he was someone I could relate to, especially when times were tough. Without the help of Bryan and his older brother, Greg (who I will bring up later in the story), I wouldn't have made it here in Vegas.

As Bryan and I were catching up, I shared with him my Match issues and he started laughing hard. He couldn't believe it because he was actually on Match himself and had the total opposite experience. Bryan told me that he started dating a woman from Match and things were picking up. I couldn't believe it because I didn't think anyone could really find "the one" from any dating site. Bryan wanted to see my profile to see if I needed to make some updates or changes. We made some minor adjustments and I was ready to finally make a shot count on Match.

Oh, and if you're wondering, Bryan married the woman from Match. Yep, it's true and I have the proof because I was a groomsman in their wedding. They now reside in Texas and have two beautiful kids. God is good!

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