WTWG Chronicles Ch. 12 | "For The Love of JimDre"

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 12

"For The Love of JimDre"

JimDre Westbrook


At this point in my dating life, I was extremely frustrated. Online dating was complete trash. The type of women I was interested in seemed like they didn't exist in Las Vegas. Or at least they didn't eat at the same restaurants or work out at the same gym as I did. I didn't know where I was going to meet potential women I could date on a serious level. Some of my friends would introduce me to different women around town but none of the alley-oops were slam dunks.

In all cases, there was no initial chemistry or we were better off as just friends, which wasn't the end of the world. But I was tired of collecting FINE homegirls who would always stay my fine homegirls. I wanted to start something new that would eventually lead to something special.

One day while at work with one of my aforementioned fine homegirls (Shelly), we were talking about my dating life. This was something we did regularly because Shelly vicariously lived through me - she was engaged and a mother to a teenaged daughter. I would tell Shelly my stories and she couldn't believe them. Shelly was one of my biggest supporters living in Vegas so I appreciated her support in my pursuit of finding love and happiness. As we were chatting, I jokingly mentioned to Shelly that if I'm still living in Vegas after age 30, I was going to find my wife on Reality TV (I was 28 at the time). Not from shows like The Real World, College Hill or Jersey Shore. I'm talking about Flavor of Love or For The Name of Ray J: I wanted to be the next guy on "The Bachelor."

Shelly thought I was joking, but I was dead serious. Dating life in Vegas sucked that badly I was willing to be the next Reality TV star (and possibly make a fool of myself) all in the name of "love." If you knew me, this would come as a bit of a surprise because I really don't invite that type of extra drama into my life. Being a Reality TV star was something I never aspired to be. However, they say "everyone has a price" and I was willing to make a bold investment at all cost.


I'm one of those people who loves to create and execute. Whenever I have an idea, I will pursue it wholeheartedly and make sure I complete it with great precision and detail. So, when I thought about doing a dating Reality TV show, I did my homework. I started researching former and current dating shows, particularly The Bachelor. I felt that The Bachelor was the most "tasteful" dating show on the market. Yes, it promoted weekly unnecessary drama and stupid cat-fights, but it produced consistent water cooler talk and high ratings. I only had one major issue with The Bachelor (and still do): They have NEVER casted a black man to be The Bachelor. NEVER. Out of 22 seasons, there has NEVER been a black Bachelor.

I could be wrong but that ain't right, y'all! I actually know brothers who have auditioned for the show so I know it's not because of a lack of interest. They (the powers that be) don't want to see 25 women (the majority of them white women) throwing themselves at a black man on primetime TV. That imagery would be too real and raw for our society to stomach. It just wouldn't be right... smh.

Knowing that this type of discrimination existed was one of the reasons why I thought I could be the answer to the solution. I felt that God provided me with an opportunity to create my own show like "The Bachelor" so we could show the world that black men are smart, desirable and marketable.

However, after watching multiple seasons of The Bachelor, I knew this battle wasn't for me. Why? In three words: I HATE DRAMA. I had to be straight up with myself and really ask the question, "Do you really want to deal with this?" My answer was emphatically no.

When choosing Reality TV over real reality, you have to entertain the masses (the general public). How could I entertain the masses without being dramatic? It's impossible. Quite frankly, no television network would give me the dating show I'd like to be on. If it were up to me, here's how my season of The Bachelor would look like:

  1. 25 women would be invitied to participate during the first night of activities

  2. After meeting all 25 women, I would eliminate 20 of 25 women on the first night

  3. I would keep the remaining 5 women and start the Reality TV show process

Unfortunately, this was all a dream because there isn't a network alive who would agree to these ridiculous terms. It would be more connection, less drama = LAME. Also, I know this may seem a bit harsh but I just don't want to be forced to kiss 25 different women in the mouth on national TV. Not my style...

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