WTWG Chronicles Ch. 16 | "Computer Love Pt. 2"

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 16

"Computer Love Pt. 2"

JimDre Westbrook


It took me a minute to shake off the memory of Natali because I knew I made a big mistake. Well actually, there were multiple mistakes made during our little escapade but one stood out most. I know you probably think it was the oral sex ordeal but it wasn't. Yes, I was guilty as charged but it wasn't what hurt me most. I felt worst because I allowed something to come in between everything I stood for. I prioritized my relationship with Natali over everything during that time and now that it was over, I smelled the egg on my face. It reeked badly and made me feel like crap. I felt like I let my entire world down. My family. My friends. My business partner. My God.


After apologizing to everyone and confessing my sins to Jesus Christ, I needed redemption in my life. I wanted to overcome the funk of the Natali situation and regain my confidence. Because I was a free agent again, jumping back into the dating world sounded intriguing. However, I wasn't sure if I needed to sit on the bench for awhile or get back busy on the prowl. So, I prayed about it and made a personal move. I felt like it was time to "run it back" with online dating. Honestly, I wanted to give online dating another try because of a macho ego thing. I couldn't believe I struck out during my first attempt at online dating. It felt like I went 0 for 27 - no action from any woman. Before I totally gave up on online dating for good, I wanted to make a big shot first and actually find someone I could vibe with.

Shalamar had it right when they sung, "Second Time Around," because I received much more love during my second stint on Match.

Even though I wasn't going on dates every night, dates still happened. I received multiple messages in my inbox from beautiful women across the US on the regular. However, there was one logistical and geographical issue. Women didn't want to become my "match" because I lived in Las Vegas and I was "too far" to make it work. At this point, I wasn't going to pack up and leave town for someone I didn't know. It didn't matter how fine they were, I wasn't going to leave Vegas. I had unfinished business with the city via chasing my dreams and I felt like I couldn't leave until I accomplished everything God wanted me to do while living in Vegas.

So if I wasn't going to relocate to another city, I had to make my next move my best move. Since I was having semi-success with Match, I thought about making a compromise. I began to broaden my search, which now included women with children and older women. I never included single mothers (and older women) within any of my online dating searches because I didn't want to date a woman who previously had children or who was older than I. This was no knock to the single mother, her kids or older women - I just didn't want to deal with it at the time. However, I convinced myself that I should remove these overrated, self-imposed deal breakers and see what's behind the maternal, older door.

Once I got off my high horse, I finally made a big shot. I found someone who I was extremely attracted to and shared common interests with. She was older and had a daughter. For once in my life, this type of woman didn't scare me away. She actually did the opposite, which brought a smile to my face. Game on, y'all... I was ready for the challenge.

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