WTWG Chronicles Ch. 19 | "Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 1"

Worth The Wait Guy Chronicles Ch. 19

"Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 1"

JimDre Westbrook


This story begins with me preparing to attend one of my best friend's wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike, Chris and myself were all groomsmen in this wedding. Our clique, "The B.I.Z.," was finally about to see one of our own get married. Joe (King) was a year younger than we were but he was always running with The B.I.Z. since high school.

One day, King texted all of us the wedding website so we could check out all the details and updates. Within 5 minutes, almost every single groomsmen asked about one girl. Her name was Stacey. Everyone wanted to know about this beautiful, vivacious woman - she was cold blooded. Stacey was short, light-skinned, long hair and thick. Exactly the way I liked them. I asked Chris about Stacey and he told me that she was spoken for. At the time, one of the other groomsmen (Dave, the only one who wasn't from our hometown), was talking to her. After hearing that info, I backed off and directed my attention to another woman. Her name was Gina.

I met Gina a few months earlier in the year when we both were on a TV show for a virgin dating segment. She was young, pretty and full of potential, however I didn't feel a strong enough connection with Gina to pursue her. We kept in touch and she was from Atlanta, so I had the idea of asking Gina to be my wedding date. Gina accepted my invitation and it was on and poppin.

A few weeks went by and Chris informed me that Stacey was a free agent and was no longer talking to Dave anymore. I wish I can say that this news made me sad but it didn't. I was hyped to hear this because I now could shoot my shot with Stacey. Even though I initially backed off, I did my homework on Stacey. She was college educated, a businesswoman, super-independent, in shape and believed in God. Plus, she was a southern belle, which was a big turn on for me. I was locked in but had one problem - Gina.

So, when I left Las Vegas for Atlanta, I had three objectives: 1. Make sure my boy King gets married. 2. Be a gentleman and good date to Gina. 3. Shoot my shot with Stacey. I communicated with Gina throughout the week leading up to the wedding. Once I got settled in Atlanta, I made sure everything was set on Gina's end. Gina let me know she was ready and excited for the weekend. A few hours later, the fellas and I all met up at the church for wedding dress rehearsal. We greeted each other and began to laugh and joke because it's been awhile since all of us were in the same room together.

A few minutes go by and the ladies of the wedding party arrive. The door to the church was locked so I went to open it for the girls. The first person I see was Stacey. I greeted her and the rest of them and I couldn't believe what I just saw. The dress Stacey was wearing that day was something serious. She had every brother in there straight tripping, including myself. I mean every cat was shooting his shot, including my main man Mike. Now, Mike and I rarely like the same girl. He's more attracted to the Ciara-type. I'm more of the Nia Long-type and Stacey was definitely more Nia than Ciara. I didn't plan on having to compete with anyone, especially not Mike. When it came to wowen, Mike was undefeated - he always won at the end of the day. However, I was determined to win this battle, no matter who I had to battle with.

After the dress rehearsal, we all went to the wedding dinner party. King, Dave and myself made a quick pit stop to King’s place. At this point, all I can think of is Stacey and how I'm going to play this. Once we get to the restaurant, I spot Stacey and the girls. Not to my surprise, I see Mike already posted at the table with the ladies and sitting next to Stacey. I go over to the table and speak to all of the women and make sure I spend a little extra time with Stacey. At this time, I felt that a connection was being established and there was some chemistry between Stacey and myself. I didn’t get caught up in the moment - I returned to my table and started eating dinner.

After we ate, King’s fiancé, Denise, started talking about me to Stacey. I let her talk me up a bit and just smiled as Stacey looked at me. Stacey brought up the fact that I was bringing a date to the wedding, something I didn't know she knew. King must have told Denise and she told Stacey. I played it cool and said it was just a date and said she's just my friend (which Gina was). I found it interesting that Stacey brought that up to me. I figured this meant one thing... she was interested in me or at least knowing about me. It looked like my shots were going in and I was beating Mike. After that dinner, we chatted a bit more as I walked the girls to their cars and said goodnight. I was definitely in the lead at this point.


The next day was the big day: Wedding Day. All the fellas met at King’s suite at the W. The girls were at the Four Seasons, where the wedding reception was going to be held. Chris and myself were also staying there - we shared a room together. In the midst of me wanting to choose Stacey, I still had the duties of being a good date to Gina. I made sure Gina knew what time the wedding party would arrive at the church. We spoke for a brief second and both were anticipating on seeing each other.

Before we left for the church, King forgot Denise's wedding gift at the Four Seasons. King asked one of us to call Stacey and ask her where was the wedding gift. I conveniently agreed to call so I could have another opportunity to talk to Stacey before the wedding. We spoke for a hot second as she told me where the gift was located. I had to run back down the street to pick it up and then we left for the church.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. My boy did it... mission number one was complete. I checked my phone to see if Gina texted me during the ceremony to let me know where she was sitting. No new text message or missed call. I thought that was strange. Mike asked me if I saw Gina and I said "No." He said that he saw her but didn't know where she went. I texted Gina informing her that the wedding party was on the way to take pictures then arrive to the wedding reception. She finally responded and said "Ok." Once we got to the reception, I was able to locate Gina and introduce her to everyone. They thought she was fine, which she was, but there was something missing. I half-heartedly joked that they could have her because I wanted Stacey. Before the reception started, I chatted with Stacey as she had already started her wedding celebration with a few cocktails.

After the wedding toast, the dancing begun. I went over to Gina to get the first dance of the night. One of those family reunion type songs was playing - nothing romantic. I extended my hand but Gina doesn't take it. She stayed sitting down. I tried to make her comfortable and smile but it didn’t work. It took Mike to crack some jokes to get Gina to stand up and finally dance with me. We do the two step for half a song and then Gina sits right back down. I couldn't believe what she just did. Like, we're at a wedding and everyone is having a good time, except for her. At this point, I was done. I was over Gina. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Mission aborted. I was going in for the kill with Stacey, who was now dancing in front of my face. Frankie Beverly & Maze was playing. People were doing line dances and old school hustles. I was trying to teach Stacey how to do the ballroom dance hustle. See, this felt right. It was natural, fun and free. I was hooked.

Before you knew it, other guys started talking to Gina and I was actually happy for her. I wanted everyone to win tonight, even if it wasn’t with me. 10 minutes later, Gina was no longer in sight. She left without saying goodbye. No text. No call. Nothing. Now, I was really off the hook and could go after Stacey full steam. King and Denise had an afterparty at a local nightclub. I knew this would be the perfect time to get to know Stacey better. Once we all got there, Stacey was already at the bar, having a good time. We immediately started vibing with each other. We talked. We danced. We laughed. I met all of her friends. They co-signed for me. I had a clear path to shoot my shot. The same shot that was going in all weekend, without any distractions.

After hours of drinking and dancing, Stacey began to get a little sloppy. Her girls wanted her to leave the scene because this was not who she was - Stacey was a lightweight drinker. I volunteered to walk her back to the Four Seasons. It was getting late anyway, so I was ready to go, plus I was hungry. I walked Stacey out of the club, along with her girls. At this point, Stacey was talking loud and fighting with her girls because she didn’t want to leave the club.

We finally get outside and she all of a sudden wanted to eat. There was a food truck right outside the club. Stacey demanded that she purchase food from the trunk but she didn’t have any money. Her girls were embarrassed for her and just wanted to get her back to the room. I offered to pay for her food and buy her a gyro. I suggested that she eat the gyro once she got back to the room. She says "No. I want to eat it now!" I say, "Cool, you can eat it now." So, picture this. We're walking down Peachtree at 3am, while it's raining. Stacey was walking down the street drunk with heels on while trying to eat a gyro. What happened next? She dropped the gyro on the ground and one of her friends says, "Don't pick that up!" Stacey started cursing out her friend and picked up the gyro and ate it like nothing was wrong with it. I wanted to say something but I wasn't trying to get cursed out by anyone, especially not by Stacey.

Her friends were hella frustrated and left her with me. So, we started to walk again and I realized that I don't have Stacey's cell number. When I called her earlier in the day, I called from King’s phone. Something told me I needed the number right then and there. So, I stood her up against the wall to balance her as I got the number. Luckily, Stacey remembered it. We almost make it to the door without her spilling her food again but she spilled it one more time. This time, I grabbed the food from her and threw it away.

Stacey was telling me that her feet hurt and I decided that we sit down in the lobby. I had her sit on my lap because I wanted to clean her up - Stacey spilled gyro sauce all over her dress. As I was wiping her dress, Stacey says "Oh you're trying to feel me up?" I smile and say, "No, I was just trying to clean you up." We left the lobby and finally got to her room. As soon we got to the room, Stacey faceplanted onto the bed. Her friend went into the restroom. Stacey yelled that her feet were still hurting. So, as a gentleman, I began to rub her feet. She started moaning within 15 seconds and started snoring a few seconds after that. Her friend came out of the restroom and told me "Thanks." I left the room and went upstairs to my room. Still hungry as ever, I couldn’t even eat anything because all I could do is think about Stacey.

After sitting in my hotel room for about 30 minutes, I came to the conclusion that Stacey had to be mine. I made a plan of attack and was focused on doing whatever it took to get Stacey. Even after witnessing firsthand Stacey's episode, I wanted more. Before I ordered food for myself, I called room service and ordered her some breakfast: Tomato juice, a fruit plate and a bagel. I told them to just send it to Stacey's room anonymously.

The next morning, Chris received a call asking if I sent Stacey breakfast. I smiled, laughed and said "No." Chris knew that I was lying because that sounded like something I would do. Stacey thanked me via text and really appreciated my gesture. So, at that point, everyone knew that I sent Stacey breakfast after her drunken night. The entire wedding party went to brunch and Stacey wore shades throughout the meal. She wanted to know everything last night and I told her. She couldn't believe it and was a little embarrassed by it. I told her everything was good and not to worry about me changing my opinion about her. We said goodbye after brunch but I texted her later asking if I could I see her again before I left town. Stacey said no because she didn't have a great track record with King’s friend (Dave). After I pled my case, Stacey later said "Maybe we can meet up next time you're in town." I replied saying "A maybe from you is good enough for me."

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