Level up! A black persons guide to community empowerment.

In the United States of America, I often find myself torn. I am torn in the ideology that all men are created equal and that in order to succeed in this country we have to just “work hard”. Historically people of color and the poor have struggled to obtain the American dream. This country loves to label economically disadvantaged people as “lazy”, without true insight into their everyday struggles. Whether we want to accept it or not the playing field is not leveled. I know people who work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. I know people who struggle with depression on a daily basis. I also know people who just don’t have the resources to manifest their dreams. This does not make these people undeserving but underdeveloped. We as community leaders have to insert ourselves in places of poverty to insure a better tomorrow.


Martin Luther King relied on the media to spread the injustices of the civil rights movement. America still has not fully fulfilled Dr. King’s dream. Today social media has become a giant platform for social networking. In order to empower economically disadvantaged people, we should start with social media. Social media can drive people to empower themselves and to organize with purpose. If a community creates a campaign around the advancement of people and be clear and concise within that message they will be able to override the system of poverty.

Here are six steps to empower your community while embracing humanity.

  1. Start an organized campaign! Get with a group of like-minded individuals who will fuel your dream.

  2. Organize (be an active member): Walk door to door asking questions, being concerned with community issues and highlights

  3. Educate everyone on African American history and encourage them to look into their ancestral background. This creates knowledge of self.

  4. Educate people on the things they have jurisdiction over. Like politics and business in their communities.

  5. Resurrect the idea of the black man and woman. Promote positive images of black people. Do not believe everything that is told to you. You are made in God’s image so, live a glorified life!

  6. Reiterate that people of color must break down stereotypes and be more humanitarian in hopes of a brighter day.

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