Teen Sends God Prayer on Balloon Asking for Help, Pastor Responds

A student who wrote a prayer to God seeking help with school expenses then tied it to three helium-filled balloons had her prayer answered when it ended up in the hands of a local Baptist pastor.

"I wrote a note that said 'God please help me get the rest of my stuff for college,'" Mykehia Curry, 18, a first generation college student from Georgia, told CNN. "Then I said 'Amen, I love you God' and I wrote my name and number."

It was August 4, just days before Curry was set to start as a student at Albany State University. She had taken out loans to pay for her tuition and housing but was short on money for a few living expenses.


"My family has really been going through a lot lately because my mom is a single parent and she's also disabled and it's kind of been a struggle just trying to get everything I need," Curry told WMGT.

Among the things the teenager needed were a comforter and refrigerator. And in a desperate plea for help she released a physical copy of her prayer to God into the sky.

"When I was writing the note, I was just trying to reach out to God. I didn't know where it would land," the Macon resident told CNN. "I thought that someone would pick it up and call me and tell me they got it or just throw it in the trash."

Curry's letter didn't end up in the trash. The balloons floated about 15 miles away to Gray, Georgia where Jerome Jones, a Baptist minister, who also works for Georgia Power, found them on Monday while he was out on a job.

"I saw something shiny and floating, so I walked over there and I got it and it was balloons with a note tied to it," Jones told WMGT. "They floated all night and they landed right in my hands, I mean, practically."


He read Curry's note and decided to answer her prayer request and it brought her entire family to tears.

"She was like 'you're really going to bring me a refrigerator?' and I said 'yes'," Jones recalled.

Jones and member of his church presented Curry with the comforter and a refrigerator on Tuesday, the same day she started at Albany State, according to her Facebook page.

She now plans on staying in touch with her benefactor as she begins nursing studies on the college campus.

"I am very excited to meet new people and start my journey and a new chapter in my life," she told CNN. "This is a big step for me."

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