WTWG Chronicles Ch. 20 | "Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 2"

WTWG Chronicles Ch. 20

“Fruit Plates & Foot Rubs Pt. 2”

JimDre Westbrook


After I returned back to Vegas, nothing was the same. That weekend trip rocked my world as I met Stacey and couldn’t stop thinking about her. Stacey came into my life like a natural disaster. I wasn’t prepared for her impact and force. Her presence hit me like a huge tidal wave and wiped me out clean. I had it bad like Usher and didn’t want to shake it either. I wanted more of Stacey, which only meant one thing: I had to get back down to Atlanta and see her again. Soon.

As soon as I arrived at home, I didn’t give my sister the proper post game report about the wedding, before I told her that we were going to move to Atlanta. Not visit for Homecoming weekend to kick it with my SpelHouse folks. Not fly into Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for a layover flight. But to MOVE from Vegas to ATL because I had a plan to get Stacey.

My sister (Jaz) was pleasantly surprised when I told her about my master plan. At this point, Jaz hated living in Vegas. Her Vegas experience of being a black cocktail waitress was not ideal because Vegas makes you think that black women don’t exist and aren’t attractive - all lies. So, when I shared my vision for leaving Vegas for The A, she was geeked up.

During the next few weeks, Stacy and myself spent hours on the phone - texting, calling and FaceTiming each other regularly. It was pretty dope because Stacey spoke the same text language as I did = Emojis. Now, my emoji use was not overkill. A simple heart here. A smiley face there. Learning how to use emojis and GIFs are a must in today’s dating culture.


Stacey was headed to Spain for her 30th birthday with her parents. (Stacey paid for her parents to be with her in Spain for her birthday.) Such a boss move. Since Stacey was out of the country and with her parents, we didn’t chat with each other that much that week. Instead, I spent a lot of time organizing a stealth mission with Stacey’s friend, Crystal.

I wanted to surprise Stacey with a few, small birthday presents upon her arrival back in Atlanta. Crystal helped me with a few things so we could pull this off before Stacey got back home. I sent flowers (white lillies) to Crystal’s place, along with a birthday card, box of chocolates and a LAYOP tank top.

Once Stacey arrived home, everything was laid out on her kitchen table and she couldn’t believe it. We pulled it off! Stacey was impressed that I even cared to do something for her on her birthday. I was in there and ready to make my next move my best way.

I informed Stacey that I was headed to Atlanta in 2 weeks for a “business trip.” If case you forgot, last week in Ch. 19, Stacey said that if I ever made it back to Atlanta, she would probably meet up with me. My response was “A maybe from you is good enough for me” and I still stood by that statement. I had to see if this thing I was feeling was real or fake. I owed myself that much.

My trip to ATL was all business: The business of Stacey Patterson. Now, I did have some LAYOP business to take care of while in Atlanta but Objective Number One was definitely Stacey. I spent 3 days with Stacey and we went on 3 beautiful dates in one of my favorite cities in the US. I love Atlanta and could definitely see myself living there within my lifetime. Perhaps with Stacey? That would be a yes.

Each date was different: We went to a sports bar, sushi restaurant, the movie theater and her house. There was never a dull moment within our conversations. We were always fully engaged when around one another. Again, Stacey had it all together and it was cool being able to just be myself around her.

During the last date at her crib, Stacey and I finally kissed each other and it was a good kiss. A really good kiss, which led to a make out session on the couch. At this moment, I couldn’t have planned this trip any better... I felt it was all part of God’s plan. I felt loved again. I felt like I had won the lotto with Stacey and she wasn’t even my girl at the time. I needed a win badly and I got the biggest prize known to man in my eyes. Her name was Stacey.

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