Andy Mineo Loses Mom to Cancer, Asks Fans for Prayers and Privacy

Rapper Andy Mineo says his mother's battle with cancer has come to an end.

"This past Tuesday my mother, Fran Mineo, passed away," he wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of his mother taken before her cancer diagnosis.

Mineo, who has been a popular name in Christian hip-hop for a decade, added, "She battled leukemia this past year and was on the upswing after her stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, there were complications and she went home to be with the Lord."

The 30 year old revealed that he had the gift of "sitting by her bedside as she passed" in Chicago last week. He recalled holding, praying for her and reading her scripture before she died.


"My family and I have been grieving her loss this week together in Chicago. We've wept from our souls. We have laughed remembering her, told countless stories, looked at pictures and held each other when we needed it," Mineo continued.

"Franny always made it happen. Working the night shift, raising kids on her own, shopping at garage sales so we could have the best clothes and sneakers. She lived so much of her life like Jesus. It was hard to not be impacted by her, even if you only met her once."

Mineo concluded his post by asking his fans to give his family time to heal as they grieve.

"I appreciate the space people have given my family and I in this time. I've had new music getting ready to come out and a fall tour in motion — my team will be running my socials for a while to keep you guys updated about those things while I take time to grieve. I appreciate all of you," he ended.

In June, Mineo disclosed on Instagram that he first found out about his mother's cancer in November 2017. Although the Reach Records artist is active on social media, he kept his mother's battle with leukemia private during that time.

The death of his mother comes at a trying time in Mineo's life, as he's been struggling with depression and doubt, which he shared on his EP, The Arrow.

"If you wondered where I've been these last few years, I can only describe it as a profound sense of being lost. Lost in my own mind, in depression, anxiety and doubt," Mineo wrote in a post on Instagram in April just days after his 30th birthday.

The rapper said that his despair led him on a quest to unpack his faith.

"In my search for clarity, I began to deconstruct and reconstruct much of what I believed. Unlearning is scary because you don't know what you'll be left with," he noted.

Mineo, who's been married since 2014, said he's sharing where he is because he knows others can relate to his struggle.

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